pyKML: a Pretty Pristine Package Promoting a Pythonic Path for Programmatically Producing, Playing with, Publishing, and Parsing Particularly Prickly KML

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Lightning Talk
Dr Tyler Erickson, Michigan Tech Research Institute

We all know what KML is, and by now most geospatial software packages offer some type of KML support. But, you've got to admit it, the majority of 65 million KML/KMZ files available on the internet are pretty... well... boring. Very few of them take advantage of the interesting advanced tags offered by the OGC KML spec (like <roll> and <drawOrder> !) or the Google Extension spec (like <gx:ViewerOptions> and <gx:angles> !). The pyKML package gives you access to the whole kitchen sink of elements in the KML spec, and provides functionality for constructing, parsing, validating, and removing that embarrasing KML lint. Make pyKML your library of choice for your next virtual basejumping adventure!

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research scientist; geostatistical data junkie; winner of Google's KML in Research competition; runs with geospatial scissors

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