Why Your Product Sucks

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Lightning Talk
Mike Pumphrey, OpenGeo

Your software is great, but your product sucks.

Great software is useless if it can't be used. If people have trouble finding, installing, learning, or running your software, then your product sucks, no matter how awesome the software is.

Do you want to increase adoption of your software? Do you want it to succeed in the "marketplace" (even if your software is free of charge)? Do you want to interest people who aren't software developers? Good. First, you need to make your product not suck. This talk will show you how.

Speaker Bio: 

Mike Pumphrey oversees the often-neglected gap between software developers and end users, and spends much of his time trying to increase the usability and reduce the learning curve of software.  He is the author and maintainer of the Windows installers for both GeoServer and the OpenGeo Suite, as well as the author of the SLD Cookbook, a reference of helpful code samples for using SLD to style WMS-based maps. 

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