3D GIS collaborative in real-time

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Tech Session
Manuel De la Calle, IGO Software
Mr Diego Gómez-Deck, IGO Software

During glob3 (https://sourceforge.net/p/glob3/) implementation in the "Virtual plattform for the dissemination of the Science of the Extremadura Goverment" (http://forjamari.linex.org/projects/pdcv), IGO Software developed a dMVC (distributed model view controller) using Java, that allows the usage of remote and local methods, enabling the real-time interaction of all the clients connected to the server. This functionality was already presented in the V free GIS journeys, during a demo that was implemented in Smalltalk in 2008 (http://www.sigte.udg.edu/jornadassiglibre2008/uploads/file/Comunicacione...).

Using a 3D globe, we intend to prove the use of the interacting cappability in a synchronous way in real-time of several users in a SIG functionality such as the vector data editing. It also includes a chat, where edition operators can coordinate them selves. Each actions made in clients will appear instantly in remotes clients. This kind of functionality fits perfectky in collaborative works, for example, the mapping work done after the Haiti earthqueake, that hit it's main city last year. It made possible that a significant number of people could be mapping while viewing in realtime the changes that other users were adding at the same time. Even the rescue team could be mapping directly from the tragedy field, such information was available in real-time.

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Currently pursuing the MBA Executive IE Business School. General Manager of IGO Software, has more than 10 years of experience in software development, investigation and implementation, mainly GIS. Before the company creation, worked as project responsable in other companies in Spain. Has participated in several congresses and conferences in Spain, Portugal and Italy. He also has served as teacher in the GIS Master of UNEX.

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