3D Globes advanced visualization

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Diego Gomez Deck, IGO Software
Manuel De la Calle, IGO Software

Recently IGO Software has developed Glob3 project, Euclid library and also Sextante library migration to a 3D environment with the Extremadura University. All these tasks ended in a Framework release destinated to the 3D development application known as Glob3, that will continue in development during 2011. Its roadmap can be found in the project website http://www.glob3.org.

According to this, several advanced georeferenced data visualization has been developed. We think that it could mean a special interest for the comunity, beacuse it hasn't been developed before using free software, specifically:

  • Point clouds visualization through streaming.
  • 3D models visualization.
  • Multi-dimentional files visualization en netCDF format (network Common Data Form).
  • Vector GIS files visualization.
  • Gigaimages and 360º pictures.


Key words: 3D, glob3, dMVC, netCDF, Nasa World Wind, euclid, oceanography.

Speaker Bio: 

Consultant, reseacher and project manager at IGO Software and ConsultAr. Leads the reaserch and experimantation projects at the company. It's been an active part of the Squeak Comunity for the last 9 years, and it's also founder of the Small-Land group. Small-Land Squeak author, has also created several packages developed for Squeak with different functionalities. 

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