Bringing the oceans to life using OGC services and dynamic visualization

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Kyle Wilcox, Applied Science Associates
Stephen Sontag

Public domain data about the ocean is all over the place. Different formats, different standards, and what about that metadata? Putting these distributed datasets behind OGC services allow for the visualization and analysis on an even playing field. By leveraging these OGC services, powerful visualizations for scientists and general users alike can be created and extended to almost any area of the world.

Applied Science Associates is a global science and technology solutions company. Through consulting, environmental modeling, and application development, ASA helps a diverse range of clients solve a wide range of spatial challenges.

This presentation will include practical examples of using OGC services to change the way we look at dynamic (real-time) ocean data.

Technologies include: Flex, OpenScales, NetCDF, AXIIS, Degrafa, SOS, WMS, WFS, AIS

Speaker Bio: 

Mr. Wilcox is a senior data manager and software engineer at Applied Science Associates in South Kingstown, RI, USA.  He has extensive experience working on ocean observing systems around the world and specializes in software development, GIS / data integration, crisis management, met-ocean data, and integration of a wide variety of computer models for simulation of physical, chemical and biological processes in the marine environment.

Mr. Sontag is a Software Developer with Applied Science Associates (ASA) who implements geographic data management principles into easy to use web applications. He is an active web developer that incorporates his broad background in GIS data visualization and management skills to create resource management systems.  Stephen has development multiple rich client web applications leveraging standard and non-standard geographic data formats integrating spatial metadata services.

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