CartoSet, a new FOSS to create highly visual geo portals

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Mr Javier de la Torre, Vizzuality

CartoSet is a new Open Source framework to develop great geospatial websites. Based on the experience by Vizzuality developing highly visual geospatial websites, like, CartoSet is a Ruby on Rails framework based on CartoDB. Despite the number of existing geoportal websites none of them allow the creation of highly customized interfaces. On the other hand libraries like geoRuby provide great foundation but still it takes too much time to develop nice websites. CartoSet is a FOSS framework in the middle, allowing great customization but providing an easy building block for agile developers.

Speaker Bio: 

Javier is the lead developer and co-founder of Vizzuality. Over the past 8 years has been working on the field of biodiversity Informatics and geospatial technologies for biodiversity and conservation. Right now he works on CartoDB geospatial databases on the cloud to enable great visualizations.

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