Designing a better SDI

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Sebastian Benthall, OpenGeo
Rolando Peñate

Beyond the substantial hurdles of actually developing software, a successful project requires organizing a community, aligning partners around a shared mission, and investing in user experience. Learn more about how OpenGeo, along with partners from the World Bank, the United Nations, Harvard University, and others around the globe have been building a better spatial data infrastructure on top of some of the world's best open source software.

Speaker Bio: 

Sebastian manages GeoNode--the project, the product, and the development team. GeoNode is the next generation of spatial data Infrastructure, combining GIS, cataloging, and Web 2.0 functionality in a single package. Parallel with his managerial role, he is a GeoNode committer and Project Steering Committee member.

Rolando works as OpenGeo's lead interaction, graphic, and web designer and as such is responsible for much of the interaction design and user workflows underpinning GeoNode.

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