Developing Custom Apps in C# Using DotSpatial: a New Open Source Library from the OSGeo DotNet Community

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Dan Ames, Idaho State University

This workshop will include a live demo and hands-on instruction introducing GIS developers at all levels to the new DotSpatial .NET libraries which can be used to add GIS capabilities to any custom software application developed in MONO or the Dot Net Framework. DotSpatial includes an extensible set of plug-in interfaces and inheritable classes for data manipulation, visualization, and geoprocessing and builds on Net Topology Suite, GDAL, and a powerful extensibility architecture included in the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework. DotSpatial is currently being used as a GIS engine for a number of proprietary and open source desktop applications and is unique in that it can be compiled under MONO for non-Microsoft platforms, as well as for handheld computers running Windows Mobile and for ASP.NET web development efforts. Anyone interested in participating in or learning about this project is encouraged to attend. In particular, anyone developing for the Windows platform using .NET should find this workshop very interesting (maybe even a little exciting). Indeed, the workshop targets "End User Developers" who want to build custom GIS-enabled applications.

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