Efficiently using PostGIS with QGIS

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Vincent Picavet, Oslandia

PostGIS is the reference OpenSource spatial database everyone uses. QGIS is the dynamically growing desktop GIS everyone will be using. Using both together should therefore be a blast!

QGIS allows connecting to a PostGIS database for long, and if you stay with this bare functionality, it works seamlessly. But taking the most out of this couple needs a bit of experience and can be complex.

This talk gives you an insight on how to use efficiently QGIS with POSTGIS.

  • Core functionalities of QGIS related to PostGIS
  • Comparison of the numerous plugins to connect to this spatial database (RT SQL Layer, PostGIS Manager, PGQuery, offline editor, versioning)
  • Tips and tricks on how to use them efficiently
  • Interaction with other tools (PgAdmin for example) * Corner cases and limitations * low level implementation and consequences

The presentation will close with perspectives for the future, stating the current situation and explaining what will and could be done to improve the interaction between these two softwares. Feedback from the public on their own experience will be an opportunity to try to define the best way of improving the way we use PostGIS and QGIS.

Speaker Bio: 

Vincent is involved in Open Source GIS for a while, PostGIS contributor, he created Oslandia with Olivier Courtin in 2009 to provide services on FOSS4G. He often speaks about this subject in international conferences.

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