FOSS4G Workshop for Educators

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Kurt Menke, GISP, Central New Mexico Community College & the GeoTech Center

The GeoTech Center and Central New Mexico Community College have created a complete course curriculum based on Free and Open Source Software for GIS (FOSS4G). The class has been taught successfully and is now incorporated as a for-credit class. This workhop will demonstrate the FOSS4G software and lesson materials available for educators to use in their classroom immediately. Particicpants will learn the fundamentals of software download, installation, and use. Sources of geodata for your class topics will be presented and solutions to your classroom needs discussed in an interactive conversation. If you have been interested in teaching a FOSS4G course, but didn't know where to start or where to find curriculum material and lesson plans, this workshop is for you. Regardless of your discipline or program, the workshop can demonstrate how FOSS4G software can help your students get a competitive advantage of geospatial technology for their career in the workplace or the classroom. If you train employees for small government agenices or employers struggling with tight IT budgets and limited resources, FOSS4G allows your graduates to have the skills need to help businesses and organizations put GIS technology into the hands of their employees and customers. Workshop will be taught at the introductory level, with individualized attention from our trainers to maximize your time with the hands-on experience with the software applications.

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