GeoNetwork opensource - The geospatial metadata catalogue

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Jeroen Ticheler, GeoCat bv

The presentation will provide an insight of the new functionality available in the latest release of the software. Publishing and managing spatial metadata using GeoNetwork opensource is becoming main stream in many Spatial Data Infrastructures. The project developers have made big progress on INSPIRE support, performance, multilingual metadata and catalogue services compliance. Examples of implementations of the software will be given, highlighting several national European SDI portals developed in the context of the INSPIRE directive.

Speaker Bio: 

Jeroen Ticheler founded GeoCat bv in 2007. After achieving his MSc in Tropical Forestry (Agricultural University Wageningen, NL), Ticheler worked for the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Rome for almost ten years. He held various positions in GIS/remote sensing and established the respected GeoNetwork opensource Project.

Ticheler truly believes in sharing knowledge: I want to make technologies for publishing geospatial data on the internet available to every organization, no matter how big or small. It is wonderful to see how easy it can be to publish geospatial data on the internet and how knowledge sharing can accelerate innovation.

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