Geoprocessing with Neo4j Spatial and OSM

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Mr. Craig Taverner, Amanzi

What better way to perform geoprocessing than on a graph! And what better dataset to play with than Open Street Map!

Since we presented Neo4j Spatial at FOSS4G last year, our support for geoprocessing functions and for modeling, editing and visualization of OSM data has improved considerably. We will discuss the advantages of using a graph database for geographic data and geoprocessing, and we will demonstrate this using the amazing Open Street Map data model.

Speaker Bio: 

Craig is a software developer, scientist, technology enthusiast and fan of graphs and mapping. For the last decade he has worked mostly in the mobile telecoms industry, in which GIS is a important component. Two years ago he discovered the joys of graph databases, and last year helped develop Neo4j Spatial, which he presented at FOSS4G 2010.

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