GeoScript - Spatial Capabilities for Scripting Languages

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Justin Deoliveira, in affiliation with OpenGeo
Jared Erickson

GeoScript adds spatial capabilities to dynamic scripting languages. With implementations in Python, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy, GeoScript provides an interface to the powerful geospatial data access, processing and rendering functionality of the GeoTools library.

GeoScript provides concise and simple apis that allow developers to perform a variety of tasks quickly. Some include:

  • Geoprocessing - Coordinate reference system transforms, geometry operations, and feature queries.
  • Data Juggling - GeoScript allows you to read and write feature data in a variety of formats. Converting Shapefiles to PostGIS tables, and processing on the fly while converting formats.
  • Mapping Services - Using a simple web framework in conjunction with GeoScript, it is possible to write custom geospatial services quickly and easily like a simple WMS or WFS implementation.


GeoScript is a new project but is growing in the number of users and contributors. Come check this talk out if you are interested in learning about a new tool to add to your geospatial hacking toolbox. Maybe you have tried to use GeoTools but find it too difficult and complex to use. Or perhaps your java skills are not where you would like them to be. If that is the case this talk, and GeoScript, might be just what you are looking for.

Speaker Bio: 

Justin and Jared are two of the founders of GeoScript project. Justin currently maintains the Python implementation while Jared maintains the groovy implementation. 


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