gvSIG Mini support for OSM massive POI data

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Tech Session
Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas, Prodevelop
Alberto Romeu Carrasco

gvSIG Mini is a free tiled map viewer for Android with support for OSM, WMS, WMS-C, TMS, other non-standard tile servers, routing, localization, etc. and now offline support for searching and visualize POIs and addresses.

A process to download POI data of any city from the OSM planet database has been developed. POIs and streets are downloaded, processed, indexed and stored into an object oriented database.

gvSIG Mini is able to manage several POI city database without connectivity, allowing any user to browse or perform full-text POIs and addresses search, find nearby places, share, call or visit the website of a POI, manage favourite places, display POIs by category, applying level of detail and grouping nearby points to efficiently and clearly represent all the data.

Several problems have been solved during the development and will be presented during the talk: Implementation of a clustering algorithm to deal with visualization of many thousands of points, multiresolution representation of points, spatial and full-text indexing, contextual simbology; giving as a result an efficient offline solution for manage vectorial data on mobile devices.

Keywords: OSM, open data, clustering, POI, Android, gvSIG Mini, indexing.

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Jorge Sanz is consultant in geospatial technologies at Prodevelop since 2006. He's also part of the gvSIG team, Charter Member of the OSGeo Foundation, as well as part of the Spanish language OSGeo Local Chapter. He also maintains with several friends and colleagues a blog about GIS, cartography and other geoscience topics since 2006 called http://geomaticblog.net.

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