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Tech Session
Ing Jachym Cepicky, Help Service - Remote Sensing
Ing Premysl Vohnout

HSLayers is "yet another" OpenLayers- and ExtJS-based mapping framework, used for building complex applications. HSLayers is developed since 2007 and it includes components, like advanced Layer Switcher, Query, complex WMS/WFS client, Printing of hard-copy maps module and others.

HSLayers is used on various (mostly European) portals, which are following principles of INSPIRE directive. Among others, it is used on Czech national INSPIRE Geoportal, Plan4all Project Portal and others. This paper is going to present the components of HSLayers and how they are build from the web-developer's point of view. Each component is written in a way, so it is possible to use it separately in custom applications. It uses all the power of OpenLayers and ExtJS, without hiding their features from the developer, who has already experience with OpenLayers and Ext.

Speaker Bio: 

After the study (forestry), he joined GRASS GIS development. In 2006 he started to work on PyWPS. After joining Help Service - Remote Sensing ltd., he found himself to work more and more with web mapping portals. Nowadays, he is mostly developing HSLayers - mapping JavaScript framework.

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