HydroAnalyzer: An Open Source GIS Toolkit for Mining Hydrological Data

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Ms Yang Cao, Idaho State University
Mr Daniel Ames

This paper presents the applications of the integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) and Data Mining knowledge to hydrological information studies. GIS is utilized for location visualization and spatial analysis operations, while Data Mining technique is employed to figure out the relationships between different types of hydrologic related data. HydroAnalyzer is developed as a plug-in of HydroDesktop, which is a free desktop GIS software for accessing data from CUAHSI-HIS, time series analysis, and hydrologic modeling.

Speaker Bio: 

Yang Cao is currently a Ph.D. student in Engineering & Applied Science, College of Engineering at Idaho State University. She received her B.S. in Geographic Information System and her M.S. in Cartography and Geographic Information respectively in June 2006 and in January 2009, China. She is carrying out research in the field of geosciences related to water resource management, hydrological modeling, and open source GIS software development. 

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