Integration of GeoServer with NoSQL databases

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Alan Mangan, Data Tactics Corp.
David Boyd, Data Tactics Corp.

This presentation will introduce a GeoServer Plugin for the NoSQL Mongo Database. Cloud-based data storage built around NoSQL document-oriented stores continues to grow, this plugin offers GeoServer-based visualization of geospatial data stored in MongoDB. The plugin allows a MongoDB instance with GeoJSON-encoded data to be used as a backing store for GeoServer. The plugin, developed in Java, is available under a GNU GPL v2 license.

The presentation will address the derivation of implied schema from a schema-less NoSQL store for use with GeoServer's Feature objects, handling type conflicts in document fields, performance issues calculating this schema for a new GeoServer Data Store, and the use of MongoDB's map-reduce to distribute the load when operating in a sharded cloud environment. Each MongoDB collection is generally stored as a separate GeoServer layer, although mixed-geometry collections can be split out into corresponding layers for visualization.

Speaker Bio: 
Mr. Mangan is Senior Software Developer at Data Tactics. He has a broad range of experience in software engineering and development; including scientific visualization, business intelligence, and middleware development.
Mr. Boyd is Director of Engineering and Research & Development at Data Tactics. He has over 30 years experience in geospatial development, and integrating and deploying complex data intensive systems. He has extensive involvement in the development and fielding of the Army Distributed Common Ground Systems. He also has considerable experience integrating, processing and exploitation of FMV, Imagery, and SIGINT as part of tactical, airborne, and shipboard implementations. 

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