INTELIGEO - Geographic Intelligence System

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Tech Session
Daniel Miranda, Brazil Federal Police
Daniel Russo

In the last five years the world has seen an ever-increasing use of geospatial data in a wide array of human activities. Individuals and organizations have come to rely on services such as Google Maps for many daily tasks. In Law Enforcement, geospatial data services, usually accessed through web browsers, may help to improve the efficiency of routine tasks like route planning, address location and allow for more advanced applications, such as georeferenced information sharing and crime pattern identification.

As of 2010, the Brazilian Federal Police – BFP doesn't have an institutionalized geospatial system to store, access and analyze crime related information, something that would assist in investigations, field surveys and statistical analysis. To fill this gap, and considering the need to gather and consolidate the spatial data produced by forensic expert's field work and by other agencies, the BFP has devised a system named INTELIGEO.
This system, entered in production on November 2010 running on dedicated servers using the best tools available in the market for geospatial interaction, in a hybrid solution a combination of proprietary and open source software (namely ArcGIS Server and Geoserver).

The functionalities provided by INTELIGEO will allow its users to lookup addresses and other geographical information, plan police operations on urban and remote locations, access satellite imagery for crime scenes and interact with different data formats, especially vector and raster formats. The system will go beyond, enabling the construction of thematic maps of the evolution of crimes, drug trafficking flows, the advance of deforestation in Amazon's rain forest and any other geospatially referenceable crime.

Despite already available for users, INTELIGEO is still in an embryonic state, requiring financial and human resources support to advance its development and become the standard WEBGIS for the Brazilian Federal Police.

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