Introducing DotSpatial - an Open Source .NET GIS Framework

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Mr Matthew Klein, Idaho State University
Dr Daniel Ames, Idaho State University

DotSpatial is a free, open source, set of libraries developed on the Microsoft .NET framework which provides projection, visualization, and extensibility features. DotSpatial allows rapid development and deployment of C# and VB.NET based spatial data, analysis, and mapping applications. DotSpatial has been downloaded over 25000 times since the project started in April 2010, has 74 team members.  This presentation will provide an introduction to the DotSpatial project including, goals, target users, project status and project roadmap. Additionally, a few representative software applications built on DotSpatial will be presented.

Speaker Bio: 

Matthew Klein is a software engineer who has contributed to the DotSpatial project and improved its compatibility with its predecessor, MapWindow.

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