Leveraging Mapnik for designing custom map tiles and scalable applications (SOLD OUT)

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Dane Springmeyer, Development Seed
Iván Sánchez Ortega

This workshop will introduce using Mapnik for designing beautiful custom cartography. Instruction will be very hands-on. Fully pre-installed software running within Ubuntu on VirtualBox will be provided to allow participants to move directly to step by step demos and exercises. Core topics will include:

  • How to use CSS styling for rapidly authoring stylesheets.
  • How GDAL/OGR and QuantumGIS and be used to prep data for Mapnik.
  • How to hook Mapnik up to PostGIS (with a focus on rendering live-updating OpenStreetMap data).
  • How to display your tiles in Polymaps and Openlayers.
  • How vector tiles from Mapnik can be used for clickable map elements.

Throughout the workshop examples will highlight issues involed in the real world design of applications using Mapnik like http://www.openstreetmap.org/, http://mapbox.com/, http://open.mapquest.com, and http://developer.geoiq.com/tools/acetate/ and how scripting languages like Python and NodeJS/Javascript are being used to scale up for modern mapping problems.

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