Lidar Data Structures - Octree Vs. Kd Tree

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Tech Session
Michael Considine
Trevor Clarke, Opticks

The Arbitrary Storage Of Lidar Data Can Serve To Obscure The 3d Spatial Information Contained Within The Data. This Presentation Will Compare The Benefits And Deficiencies Of The Octree And The Kd Tree Data Structures Both In Visualization Optimizations And Algorithm Data Access In Open Source Opticks. Discussions Will Include Tradeoffs Between Display Optimizations Including Clipping, Panning And Zooming And Algorithm Data Optimizations Including Nearest Neighbor, 3d Plane Fits, Gradient Mapping, Intensity Mapping, Line-Of-Sight Algorithms, And Autonomous Landing Site Determination.

Speaker Bio: 

Michael Considine is a core developer of the open source Opticks project and Ball Aerospace and Technologies

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