Managing Large Amounts of U.S. Army Imagery Data: Recommendations for Improving FOSS4G Imagery Solutions

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Kristofor Carle, Syncadd Systems Inc. (US Army Contractor)

We will present a case study of our implementation of cached imagery services and imagery management into Army Mapper, the U.S. Army’s enterprise GIS supporting the overall management and resourcing of Army installations worldwide. We will explain why we chose ArcGIS Server over FOSS4G solutions and provide technical recommendations for improving FOSSG4 software in this area. Army Mapper requires a global cached WMS that can be updated in real-time. It must support a wide range of sensors, formats, and projections. We will outline the requirements and scale of Army Mapper and discuss the workflows we evaluated for tools such as MapServer and TileCache.

Speaker Bio: 

Mr. Carle is a GIS Software Developer for Syncadd Systems Inc. In addition to GIS, his interests include transportation operations and networks, social networks and mobile communication, simulation and modeling, cloud and grid computing, data warehousing and visualization. 

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