Map design, usability and interaction

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Tech Session
Sergio Alvarez, Vizzuality
Javier de la Torre, Vizzuality

The geospatial world lacks of design, usability and interaction. Most of the map projects out there lack one single important thing, a story. Additionally the FOSS4G community is normally more focus on functionality that in careful design and user experience. In this talk we will present through examples how to design and develop mapping projects that tell you stories, maps that engage the user and drives them to their own conclussions. We will take the opportunity to explain also a typical workflow between Designers, Frontend developers and backend developers, all working to create great mapping experiences.

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Javier de la Torre and Sergio Alvarez are founders of Vizzuality. They work with multiple international organizations helping them visualize large geospatial datasets. From humanitarian response projects to the World Database on Protected Areas or crowdsourcing climate change data.

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