Mapbender 3 - Where Are We Going?

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Tech Session
Astrid Emde, WhereGroup

Mapbender has been around for about 10 years and has become a widespread GDI backbone. But with it's age came problems which made it hard to maintain the codebase and keep up with modern developments. Thus the Mapbender team decided to start the code from scratch to reduce complexity for users and developers without giving up the functionality that made Mapbender a success.

In order to free us from reinventing the webapplication wheel, we chose to use frameworks to ease and speed up development. We decided to use Symfony2 as the PHP Framework and compliment it with jQuery on the client.

Since we are using jQuery it made sense to help develop MapQuery and use it as our primary map component.

The goal for Mapbender3 is to become a comprehensive OWS administration tool, that easily integrates into existing infrastructure, providing easy to use webmapping to administrators and users. To implement your custom mapping needs with Mapbender 3, you will be able to use a powerful extension system.

In this presentation we will give an overview on how far we have come and what else remains to be done in order to have a stable Mapbender 3 release.

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Astrid Emde is part of the Mapbender Developer Team. She is an active member of OSGeo and especially the german local chapter FOSSGIS e.V. and OSGeo-Live.
She lead several workshops and presentations on Mapbender, MapServer, GeoServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS and OWS, for example at FOSS4G, FOSSGIS or AGIT.
She co-authored the german edition of Tyler Mitchell's book 'Web Mapping Illustrated'. Have a look at

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