MapFish in Production

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Eric Lemoine, Camptocamp
Frederic Junod, Camptocamp

This workshop will present best practices, methods, tools, and tips for using the MapFish web framework in production contexts. We will show how to structure a MapFish application, and organize its companion libraries, including, but not limited to, OpenLayers, GeoExt, GeoAlchemy, Shapely. We will also show how to set up and use tools for the development, deployment, and building of the application. We will demonstrate how to secure application-specific, tile caching, and OGC services. Finally we will describe how to create administration interfaces with FormAlchemy, and its geographical extension, GeoFormAlchemy. Performance considerations will be discussed throughout the workshop. Previous workshops showed what MapFish was and provided, while this workshop will focus on how to develop, and set up, real-life MapFish applications for production. The target audience for this workshop is web developers and project managers willing to know how to efficiently take advantage of MapFish.

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