MapFish Project: Status and Good Practices

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Mr. Eric Lemoine, Camptocamp

The first part of the talk will report on the major developments and accomplishments in MapFish over last year, and present what's in store for the year to come.

The second part of the talk will report on good practices applied by Camptocamp when working with the MapFish framework such as:

  • using MapFish web services instead of WFS when it makes more sense for the application
  • setting up MapFish applications in Apache (to combine performance and robustness)
  • using HTTP caching mechanisms for static and dynamic resources 
  • setting up the MapFish Print system for use in the application
  • setting up a common security layer for controlling access to MapFish, TileCache, and OGC Web services
  • the methods and tools used to build and deploy MapFish applications
  • using "application templates" to speed up setting up new applications

The open source application "MapFishSample" will also be introduced as a good illustration of the practices we use everyday when building high-performance, production-ready MapFish applications.

Speaker Bio: 

Eric Lemoine is senior developer at Camptocamp France SAS, committer for MapFish, OpenLayers and GeoExt, and member of the GeoExt and OpenLayers PSC.

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