MapMint: The Next Generation SDI Manager

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Jeff McKenna, Gateway Geomatics
Nicolas Bozon

MapMint is a comprehensive task manager for implementing and managing a spatial data infrastructure (SDI). It will be presented to the community to showcase its complete and robust platform to organize, edit, process and publish spatial data to the Internet.

MapMint is based on extensive use of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications, and allows an orchestration of Web Feature Services (WFS), Web Mapping Services (WMS) Web Map Tiling Services (WMTS) and Web Processing Services (WPS) through a modular and intuitive Web application.

MapMint server is mainly based on ZOO-Kernel 1.2.0 and MapServer 6.0.0. Most of its functions are run as WPS requests, calling both general services (for configuration, data and project management, user permissions etc.) and geospatial data management services based on MapServer 6.0.0 (transactional support, .map file writing/editing, symbology and classification). Further, geoprocessing services are available through GDAL/OGR and GRASS 7.0 (for format and projection management, vector and raster operations, spatial analysis). MapMint also contains a set of document production services based on the OpenDocument server.

MapMint client is built upon jQuery, jQuery-UI and OpenLayers. It provides a complete and user-friendly back-office to the user, to control and deploy SDI services in a standardized way with data from local or remote datastores, process it, create new layers, and finally organize Web mapping projects to be published online.

MapMint architecture and features will be introduced in this presentation, and its five inter-connected modules will be described, with an emphasis on which OGC standards they are using and which OSGeo software they are running.

Speaker Bio: 

Jeff McKenna operates a consulting company, Gateway Geomatics, located on the East Coast of Canada, focusing on assisting organizations publish spatial information on the Internet.  Jeff is a member of the MapServer and ZOO Projects Steering Committee (PSC), and is also the documentation lead for these two projects.  Jeff is also the maintainer of the popular MapServer for Windows (MS4W) project, and is involved in the development of the OSGeo4W installer.  In 2009, Jeff was named to the OSGeo Board of Directors.

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