Session Type: 
Tech Session
Mr David Winslow, OpenGeo
Mrs Alyssa Wright

For years, Mapnik has been the cartographic tool of choice for web designers. Sometimes however a web map requires more than rendered tiles. It requires the power of a complete geospatial service. Wouldn't it be nice to bring Mapnik's design prowess into GeoServer's full-featured, batteries-included management interface and standards-compliant services? Now you can!

In this talk we introduce mapnik2geotools -- a configuration importer from Mapnik to GeoServer. We will sample renderings from Mapnik styles and data from OpenStreetMap, compare the quality and styling options of Mapnik and GeoServer's rendering engines, and discuss future directions for the toolkit.

Speaker Bio: 

David Winslow is a software developer at OpenGeo working on GeoNode, GeoServer, OpenLayers, and GeoExt as the task demands. Some of his other projects include the GeoServer CSS extension and the Scala variant of GeoScript.

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