Mixing It Up with OpenLayers, ArcGIS Server and JavaScript Widgets

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Allan Glen, City and County of Denver
David Youngerman

The rise of RESTful services and lightweight data formats allow us to easily pair open source software with commercial closed source software. Organizations that are invested in commercial software can still obtain many of the benefits of open source software by implementing a hybrid approach.

In this talk we will discuss how the City and County of Denver is using OpenLayers, ESRI’s ArcGIS Server REST API and JavaScript widgets to deliver spatial information to our constituents.

We will discuss our reasons for choosing OpenLayers, the steps required to integrate OpenLayers with ArcGIS Server, and demonstrate how JavaScript widgets can be used to create mapping applications that can easily be embedded into websites.

Speaker Bio: 

Allan Glen manages the GIS development team at the City and County of Denver. He also happens to write some code. David Youngerman is a senior developer on the team.

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