Mobile GIS through Geomajas

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Pieter De Graef, Geosparc

With the increasing popularity of Smartphones and tablets we have entered a brave new world where mobile devices reign supreme. It is only logical the Open Source GIS community should follow this trend. The question is how? The current generation of web GIS products have had to overcome a wide variety of browsers to support, and so too must the next generation support an equally wide variety of mobile platforms.

By leveraging the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), the Geomajas project has made the first steps into the mobile world with great success. This presentation will start with the current situation of the Geomajas project with regards to mobile and discuss the technical challenges that await us. These challenges will cover the limited bandwidth, how to achive high performance while keeping the power usage low, etc.

We will end this presentation with an overview of the roadmap towards the ultimate mobile GIS platform, and discuss priorities and choices in order to get there.

Speaker Bio: 

Pieter De Graef is the current Chair for the Geomajas project, and works as a community manager and lead developer for Geosparc. In a previous life he worked for the Belgian company DFC as a GIS integrator.

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