OpenAerialMap: Free Imagery for the World

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Schuyler Erle, SimpleGeo, Inc

OpenAerialMap is an effort to produce and Free and Open archive of satellite and aerial imagery spanning the entire world. This talk will cover the origin and motivations of the project; how to access and contribute to OpenAerialMap; and how OSGeo software makes the project possible. I've been talking about this since OSGeo 2005 -- and now it's a reality!

Speaker Bio: 

Schuyler Erle is a founding member of the OSGeo Foundation, and one of the founding developers of the OpenLayers and TileCache projects. Schuyler was also a co-author of "Mapping Hacks", published by O'Reilly Media. He currently works at SimpleGeo, Inc. in San Francisco. 

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