Opening Data with GeoNode

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David Winslow, OpenGeo
Jeff Johnson

In this workshop participants will learn how to deploy a full open geospatial data infrastructure with GeoNode. GeoNode was started by the World Bank and OpenGeo to provide a web 2.0 social layer on top of traditional ‘Spatial Data Infrastructure’ (SDI) technology. It builds upon a complete stack of open source software, including GeoServer, OpenLayers, GeoExt, GeoWebCache PostGIS, GeoNetwork and Django to provide full OGC web services with deep permissioning controls. The GeoNode is designed around the philosophy that the strongest and most flexible infrastructure is built bottom-up. The vitality of any open data project depends on the engagement of your data's users and responsiveness to their needs. The GeoNode is an open data solution that puts the user at the center. Anyone can upload data, create a map, style it with advanced cartographic rules, and share it with the world – all completely through the web. It can be a complete data solution, by providing advanced security so that organizations and groups can collaborate internally with the same tools before they open their data to all. In this workshop we will deploy a GeoNode, customize it for a particular use, and explore all of its advanced features. Participants will then be able to return home and deploy an instant open data infrastructure. Topics will include user registration and management, cartography, data upload and management, map publishing, federation and editing.

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