OpenLayers Mobile

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Tech Session
Tim Schaub, OpenGeo
Eric Lemoine, Camptocamp

OpenLayers has enjoyed a long run as the client-side library of choice for open source web mapping applications. OpenLayers development began at a time when browsers for mobile devices were rudimentary document viewers, and throughout its development, the focus remained on desktop browser based applications. With the proliferation of high-resolution displays on mobile devices, mobile browser capabilities have advanced and in some cases surpassed the average desktop browser.

OpenLayers has finally stepped up to address the mobile browser environment. This talk will focus on developing OpenLayers based mapping applications targeted for mobile browsers. The talk will include demonstrations of applications for a variety of mobile browsers. I'll discuss newly developed functionality within OpenLayers and demonstrate integration of OpenLayers with popular mobile UI frameworks. In addition I'll cover options for building native mobile applications with OpenLayers.

If you're interested in learning about recent OpenLayers development related to mobile mapping applications, this is the talk for you.

Speaker Bio: 

Tim Schaub is a long time committer and Project Steering Committee member for OpenLayers.  He enjoys working as the CTO of OpenGeo from the hamlet of Bozeman, Montana. 

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