Overcoming Open Source and Proprietary Data Interoperability Challenges

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Dale Lutz, Safe Software

With so many new open source solutions available, organizations are now looking for ways to easily integrate their proprietary data into these open source environments. Accessing and preparing spatial data from a variety of systems can be a challenging and time consuming process. With spatial data transformation software, users can overcome these data interoperability challenges and be able to transform data regardless of its originating format or system. With examples, this session will illustrate how a user can quickly access spatial data gathered from any source, open or proprietary, and then make it available in their system of choice. Attendees will learn how they can make spatial data more readily available within their organization and learn best practices for overcoming data interoperability challenges. The goal of this session is to demonstrate that spatial data, open source and proprietary, can be made available for an organization’s decision making and planning.

Speaker Bio: 
Dale has been using his knowledge and experience to lead the core development of FME since Safe Software's inception more than 17 years ago. Much of Dale's time is spent refining and optimizing the user experience in FME's graphical user interfaces, as well as leading the integration of FME technology into third-party GIS applications. Known for his expertise in data interoperability, Dale continues to help Safe's customers find better ways to access the spatial data they need to use.

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