PostGIS Replication

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Steven Singer, Slony Development Team

Database replication allows you to distribute spatial queries to multiple servers increasing the scalability and fault-tolerance of your database.

Two popular methods of replicating PostGIS databases are PostgreSQL 9.0's hot-standby replication and the Slony-I replication system. This talk will explain why you want to replicate your PostGIS databases and provide an overview of both Slony-I and hot-standby. The talk will explain the key features and limitations of each and help you choose which technology is appropriate for your situation.

Speaker Bio: 

Steve Singer is a software developer and has been involved with the PostgreSQL community since 2001 and is one of the maintainers of the Slony-I replication system. Steve uses and has contributed to many open source projects and has been involved with the OpenStreetMap project.

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