Practical Introduction to ZOO-Project and WPS Services development

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Gérald Fenoy, GeoLabs SARL

The ZOO-Project is an open source software which provides a WPS (Web Processing Service) compliant and developer-friendly framework to easily create and chain OGC Webservices. ZOO is made of three parts. ZOO Kernel, a powerful server-side C Kernel which makes possible to manage and chain Web services coded in different programming languages. ZOO Services, a growing suite of example Web services based on various Open Source libraries, and ZOO API, a server-side JavaScript API able to call and chain the ZOO Services, which makes the development and chaining processes easier. ZOO-Project will first be presented, along with some technical ramblings on the WPS implementation. In this workshop, participants will first learn how to compile and install ZOO Kernel and to get a WPS server running in several simple steps. Then, they will learn how to develop simple GDAL/OGR based WPS Services using Python language, trough different programing exercises. A ready to use Openlayers client will be used to interact with WPS Services. Participants will finally learn how to chain the different created WPS Services using the server-side Javascript ZOO-API. After this workshop, participants will be able to get ZOO running and to create new Web Services using existing FOSS4G libs.

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