Scripting GeoServer with GeoScript

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Tech Session
Justin Deoliveira, in affiliation with OpenGeo
Tim Schaub, OpenGeo

GeoServer is a solid and mature implementation of a variety of OGC services including Web Feature Service, Web Map Service, Web Coverage Service, and Web Processing Service. Add to this a KML engine, integrated security framework, powerful styling language with SLD and this rich feature set makes GeoServer very appealing to the user. However it has always been somewhat lacking when it comes to the developer. Developing with GeoServer has a steep learning curve and requires expert knowledge to do simple tasks like writing new output formats, implementing new WPS processes, and adding custom filter functions. GeoScript to the rescue!

GeoScript adds spatial capabilities to popular languages such as Python, JavaScript, Scala, and Groovy. Scripting languages are the perfect tool for developers who want to do simple coding tasks quickly in a lightweight development environment. GeoScript builds on top of the very powerful GeoTools library to provide an interface to its capabilities though concise and easy to use API's. Recent extensions to GeoServer now allow developers to write components and plug-ins in the scripting language of their choice, using GeoScript as the engine for spatial functionality.

This presentation is geared toward developers who are interested in developing with GeoServer but not necessarily ready to get their hands dirty with low level Java. The talk will detail the various scripting hooks available and provide examples, complete with code, of how to write some simple plug-ins. Check out this presentation and you'll be developing with GeoServer in no time.

Speaker Bio: 

 In 2010 Justin and Tim founded the GeoScript project. Justin currently maintains the Python implementation while Tim maintains the JavaScript implementation.

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