Securing GIS data

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Joachim Van der Auwera, Geosparc

Implementation and architecture of security on GIS data as implemented in Geomajas. Details are given about possible use-cases, the choices which were made (including why). It includes explanation of how credential leakage is prevented and how this can be integrated with industry standard solutions.

Speaker Bio: 

Joachim Van der Auwera is a software consultant with a strong focus on building quality software with lots of reusability and which is highly maintainable. He has been using Java for more than 10 years. In this period he was involved in both architecture and development of enterprise applications. He has a lot of experience with open source projects and is part of the three-headed dragon leading the development and architecture of the Geomajas GIS spatial data and web mapping framework.

His achievements in the project include the security architecture, plug-in mechanism, API contract, documentation system etc. He has more than 10 years Java experience, mostly for enterprise projects.

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