Social Networks on OpenLayers

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Jorge Sanz, Prodevelop
Vicente Sanjaime

As part of the web 2.0 movement, a number of social networks are adding geospatial information to their contents. Thus, a large amount of information can be shown on a map from different sources like twitter, foursquare, flickr and others.

With just a few chunks of JavaScript code and thanks to the great Open Layers capabilities, it's easy to add real time social features to any web mapping application.

On this presentation we will show how we added those services as OpenLayers classes getting as much information as possible (descriptions, thumbnails, links, etc.) displayed on top of any base layer.

Speaker Bio: 

Jorge Sanz is consultant in geospatial technologies at Prodevelop since 2006. He's also part of the gvSIG team, Charter Member of the OSGeo Foundation, as well as part of the Spanish language OSGeo Local Chapter. He also maintains with several friends and colleagues a blog about GIS, cartography and other geoscience topics since 2006 called

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