The State of GeoCouch

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Volker Mische, Couchbase

GeoCouch is a spatial index for CouchDB. It is tightly integrated and therefore inherits the functionality from CouchDB like the multi-master replication, the RESTful API and the robustness. The implementation of the spatial index is not based on an approximated solution like Geohashes, but a full-blown R-Tree implemented in Erlang.

This talk will give a brief introduction into CouchDB and the history of GeoCouch, but will focus on the current implementation and the possibilities available to develop the next generation of mapping applications. The end will be an outlook to the future of GeoCouch.

Speaker Bio: 

Volker Mische is geospatial software engineer at Couchbase, working on GeoCouch. He's a proponent of open source and loves coding in Erlang and JavaScript.

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