The State of GeoServer

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Justin Deoliveira, in affiliation with OpenGeo
Andrea Aime, tech lead, GeoSolutions

2011 marks the 10 year anniversary of the GeoServer project with 2010 - 2011 being the most successful year yet. GeoServer continues to grow with an active community and expanding user base. This presentation takes the pulse of the project with a status report of how GeoServer is doing and what to expect in the coming future.

The presentation will start with a "year in review" overviewing some of the new and noteworthy of the past year. This year saw the coming of GeoServer 2.1, a major milestone for the project that brought some exciting new features along with it. Cascading WMS, Virtual Services, SQL Layers/Views, Unit of Measure support for SLD, WMS 1.3, and WPS are just a few of the highlights of 2.1. Attend this presentation to get the entire report of what happened this past year.

The GeoServer developer community continues to remain active with a number of exciting features in the pipeline. The remainder of the presentation will focus on the future with a report of the new developments currently being worked on and what new features and improvements users can expect in 2012.

Whether you are an expert user, a developer, or simply someone who wants to know what GeoServer is and what it can do for you, this talk is for you.

Speaker Bio: 

Andrea Aime and Justin Deoliveira both sit on the GeoServer project steering committee and are active contributors to the GeoServer and GeoTools projects. Andrea is currently a senior software engineer with GeoSolutions S.A.S. Justin a technical lead at OpenGeo.

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