The status of GeoServer WPS

Session Type: 
Tech Session
Andrea Aime, tech lead, GeoSolutions

This presentation will provide the attendee with an introduction to the GeoServer WPS 1.0 functionality. We will start by a brief introduction to the WPS protocol, show how GeoServer available functionality maps onto it, and show the support for quickly building WPS requests in a visual, form based environment.

We will then go though the current set of built-in operators, ranging from topologic analysis, simple statistical operations, raster to vector conversion, contour extraction, raster algebra, vector and raster “clip and ship”, georeferencing and various others.

The presentation will then move to the unique GeoServer integration features, showing how processing can seamlessly integrate directly in the GeoServer data sources and complement existing services, as well as integrate directly in the map rendering chain to provide on the fly data transformations such as on the fly contouring or point clustering.

The presentation will end with real world examples of applications using GeoServer WPS to do statistical analysis on crops, change visualization and web based image geo-referencing based on ground control points.

Speaker Bio: 

Andrea Aime has had long involvement in the open source community, first as a user and then as a core developer for the GeoTools and GeoServer project (and as a jai-tools contributor). Andrea's main interests cross through cartographic quality map rendering, spatial data analysis, performance and scalability as well as GIS programming and teaching.

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