Status of the GeoTools project

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Tech Session
Mr Jody Garnett, OSGeo
Mr Andrea Aime, GeoSolutions

We are pleased to introduce GeoTools 8. This presentation covers the latest and greatest developments in this OSGeo project.

GeoTools serves as a foundation for many of the exciting projects you will see here at FOSS4G. From 52N, Geomajas through to the early adopters such as GeoServer and uDig. An understanding of this core OSGeo project is an important piece in being productive in the open source Java GIS community.

With the component is such wide spread use it is important to understand how GeoTools has shifted its directions and goals as a Java library. This background information allow you to make the most of the GeoTools library at a business level. GeoTools offers a range of options for involvement allowing you to take part (even in an less formal capacity), set the direction, and participate in the release process.

Central to this presentation is an update on the new capabilities available in today's GeoTools. Key improvements, extensive new documentation, rendering capabilities and a range of extensions will be covered.

The presentation will include a quick tour of the base classes used to make integration easy and pain free, as show as they are used in the library. We also offer a sneak peek at developments in our unsupported sandbox including side by side comparisons of the gt-swing and gt-swt extensions.

If you are new to GeoTools development this is a great way to see what is available, and if you already know the project attend to keep up to date with the substantial improvements and additional capabilities available in today's GeoTools.

Speaker Bio: 

Jody Garnett is an active open source Java developer on the steering committee for GeoTools; GeoServer and uDig. Taking the roll of geospatial consultant a bit too literally Jody has presented workshops and training courses in every continent (except Antarctica). Jody Garnett is an employee of LISAsoft.

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