There's JavaScript in your backend: Front to Back JavaScript with NodeJS and Polymaps

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Chris Helm, FortiusOne

While using JavaScript for building web based mapping applications is nothing new, recently an increasing number of developers have been using JavaScript for server-side application development. This means that JavaScript is being used for more than just making front-end user interfaces, and that developers can develop full application stacks in a single language. Additionally there are a several JavaScript frameworks that currently changing the way geo-spatial applications are being developed on the front-end with respect to HTML5. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to all things JavaScript for advanced geo-spatial developers. Attendees will learn how to deploy an application and perform a variety of geo-spatial tasks within the NodeJS framework. They will also develop a front-end mapping application with the Polymaps framework, and explore new ways of exchanging data between clients and servers. Attendees should have familiarity with building JavaScript based applications (think OpenLayers) and be comfortable within a Linux server environment.

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