TinyOWS, what's new for the high performance WFS-T server?

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Tech Session
Olivier Courtin, Oslandia

This session is about TinyOWS, the high performance WFS-T server.

TinyOWS operates on top of a spatial database, and provides an OGC WFS-T interface.

This application born in 2007, is now a real alternative to other WFS implementations, especially when seeking simplicity, performance and standard compliance, cf http://www.tinyows.org.

This presentation will focus on the following points:

  • How do we improved _ again _ TinyOWS performance ? An insight on architecture, configuration tips, comparative benchmarks with others WFS OSS tools and more…
  • What new juicy features are available in latest TinyOWS release ? … surprise, surprise …
  • OGC and INSPIRE compliance, what is done and what is left: OGC CITE Tests, WFS 2.0 and INSPIRE Download service
  • TinyOWS and its related ecosystem: QGIS and/or OpenLayers as WFS-T client, MapServer as a WMS companion…
  • Future, roadmap and conclusion
Speaker Bio: 

Olivier is the main developper and maintainer of TinyOWS since 2007.
He's also involved in PostGIS project, as both projects are somewhere tied.

Olivier is with Vincent Picavet owner of Oslandia,
a small company focused on Open Source GIS.

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