Tutorial: Getting Started with MapWindow: An Easy to Install, Easy to Use Open Source GIS for Windows

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Dan Ames, Idaho State University

MapWindow GIS (www.mapwindow.org) is a widely used free and open source GIS for the Microsoft Windows operating system. With an easy-to-use installer and a number of plug-ins for geoprocessing, data manipulation, and visualization, MapWindow receives over 6000 downloads per month and has a large global user base. This workshop will target new/novice GIS users needing a simple GIS for Windows. Developers interested in building custom plugins for MapWindow may also find this workshop useful, as basic concepts of plugin construction and deployment using VB .NET and C# programming languages will also be discussed. Attendees will learn how to work create maps with shapefile and raster data, how to edit and manipulate shape and attribute data and how to use a number of plugins for geoprocessing. A copy of the e-Book, "A Practical Look at MapWindow" which includes several introductory exercises will be supplied to attendees.

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