Tutorial: Integration of OpenStreetMap into ArcGIS

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Thomas Emge, ESRI

The tutorial will go over the workflow of integrating the OpenStreetMap (OSM) data into the ArcGIS desktop product and the use of the ArcGIS desktop product to edit the data and synchronize the local edits with the OpenStreetMap server. The tutorial will include steps of installing the ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap extension, an overview of ArcMap and how to use the ArcGIS desktop products for beginners. Next we will cover how to download a data extract from OSM into ArcMap and how to make local edits to the data. For power users we will spend some time showing advanced editing tools that can be used in ArcMap to improve the editing experience and take a look behind the scenes of mapping the OpenStreetMap data into the geodatabase . Finally we will show how to upload the data changes back to the central OpenStreetMap repository. We will discuss the parts of this open-source extension to ArcGIS and the opportunity for the community to shape the future direction of the tool set. The tutorial is intended for beginners and advanced users and will include tips and tricks for either users to understand how to use those tools to their level, from a simple edit to a very complete advanced editing experience.

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