Tutorial: Introduction to MapGuide Open Source

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Gordon Luckett, Arrow Geomatics

This class is for those who want to fast-track into installing and using MapGuide Open Source. MapGuide OpenSource Server and Web Extensions are set up in the Workshop (Windows). MapGuide Maestro (Windows) is used to load and connect to GIS data, create layers, author maps and publish web sites.

Objectives: After completing this guide, you will be able to:

  • Install and configure MapGuide server on Microsoft Windows.
  • Describe the MapGuide Server, Web Extensions and Studio system.
  • Use MapGuide Maelstro to load data, build layers, create maps, and establish a web layout.
  • Create and cusotmize Flexible and Basic web layouts.
  • Connect PHP Reports to a Web Layout.
  • Explore OpenLayers connectivity.

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