Tutorial: Map Caching with GeoWebCache

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Gabriel Roldán, OpenGeo

GeoWebCache is a Free and Open Source Java web application used to cache map tiles coming from a variety of sources such as OGC Web Map Service (WMS). It implements various service interfaces (such as WMS-C, WMTS, TMS, Google Maps KML, Virtual Earth) and a tile caching mechanism in order to accelerate and optimize map image delivery. It can also recombine tiles to work with regular WMS clients, and can serve tiles directly from an ArcGIS Server cache. This hands-on tutorial will discuss the basic GeoWebCache features, including architecture, layer configuration, caching options, backend configuration and optimization, tile expiration, seeding and truncating, disk quotas, REST API, and more. It is intended for GIS professionals and system administrators who wish to optimize their map serving infrastructure. Previous GeoWebCache experience is not required.

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