Tutorial: Open/Collaborative Real-time Analytics Through the Web

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Tim Waters, FortiusOne

As governments and other entities continue to release more varied types and quantities of data having tools to make sense of that data and turn it into information becomes increasingly important. Analysis does not have to be the realm of experts though. The GeoCommons community allows anyone to both share their analysis and build upon the analysis of others. By utilizing an open interface to analysis and methods anyone can both add data to perform analysis and retrieve results. By creating a data analysis history answers can be come to more quickly and expanded on to both verify and specify previous conclusions. In this workshop we will go through the basics of geographic analysis through the web, combing both static and real-time data. Functions will include both geoprocessing and statistical analysis. Participants will learn how to use the building blocks of analysis and then chain them together to do more complex tasks. They will then learn how to publish out those results so that others can interpret them or create their own results. The goal will be to take large complex datasets and break them down into a format there they can provide meaningful answers. This workshop is aimed at those without experience in data analysis or those that have a more traditional background in it. For those without experience you'll become more familiar with correlations and creating meaningful maps. For those with more traditional experience you'll learn how to collaborate with different levels of data experience to build complex community answers to large problems.

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